Welcome to Opportunity Publishing, an independent publisher of quality contemporary poetry anthologies by emerging and established poets worldwide.

I’m poet Guy Farmer and I started this project because it can be exceedingly difficult to get one’s poetry published by traditional publishing companies.

As someone who has created and currently runs several sites publishing the wonderful work of poets from all over the world, I realized that I could do the same in written form by producing anthologies of thoughtful, sophisticated, urbane, high-quality poems that would appeal to poetry enthusiasts everywhere.



Get Your Poetry Published

Opportunity Publishing is an easier way for emerging and established poets to get published. There’s no jumping through frustrating hoops, just submit your poetry, I review it and, if it’s a fit, you get published in an anthology. The cost is just $5.00 US to submit and $30 US to be published. Please note that you must be 18 years of age or over to submit. Learn more about How Opportunity Publishing Works.



Accepting Poetry Submissions for Publication

Opportunity publishing is accepting poetry submissions for publication in an upcoming anthology. Whether you’re an emerging or established poet, you’re welcome to submit your poems for consideration. If your work is a fit, I’ll publish it in the next anthology. Visit the Submit page for more information.



I Look Forward to Publishing Your Poems

Congratulations on writing poetry, you’re part of what makes the world a better place. I look forward to working with you to build a wonderful catalog of poetry works sold the world over. Learn more about How Opportunity Publishing Works.